New V600 installation video here   New mounting kit consists of 2 screws, 2 nuts and 1 spacer (black or white) on the right hand side. Simply feed the screws up through the bottom of the motherboard and connect as shown in the video. Parts are tiny and fiddly, don't lose them :). You do not need to overtighten, make sure the right side is not overtightened as some CPU's sit higher and may cause the board to bend down on the right.

UPDATE 19th May 2017  Today is Boxing Day(s) i am starting the hated part (for me anyway) of getting everything boxed and to the Post Office. All boards have Gold 2 core programmed on them and have the 2 small mounting screws and spacer attached to the outside of the antistatic bag. Please use the mounting screw system to maintain a good connection and to prevent the boards popping off. It will take quite a few days to get all this done so again i ask you to be patient. You will receive a notification from Canadapost when your item has been mailed so check spam folders in case you dont see one.

UPDATE 16 May 2017  Almost finished programming /testing the Vampire 600s. expect mailing to begin tomorrow or thursday.

 I do have something to show you i hope you like, spread the word...

 To help open up development for all people wanting to create a simple memory expansion to a full blown vampire on the Amiga 1200 i have designed this simple adapter.

UPDATE 8 May 2017 *** Boards are here *** I need to add the PLCC socket and then do the programming/testing/shipping phase.  As you can see, the boards come in 3 colours (Black not shown). All boards are identical electrically and will perform the same, the difference is only cosmetic. I am not going to sand down the sockets, using the screws i am supplying will make a good contact with the CPU so i do not want to unnecessarily sand them down. Please use these screws or something else that will work.

  If you have a preference then let me know in an email.. Please read this before you send email... email subject header "Vampire 600 colour preference" and then let me know name, your mailing address (not email address) and the date you paid for your order. Identify your choice, red, blue, black in order of preference.  I will send colour preferences on a first come first served basis.  If no preference specified then i will send the most available colour i have at the time


UPDATE 31st March 2017

 Final numbers have been calculated for this batch, I have ordered boards and required parts from the manufacturer. Extra pieces have been ordered to allow for people unable to purchase one at this time. As long as there is demand there will be sales. Once manufacture process starts i will let you know.

 There is also an exciting new addon (The Parasite) that will be unveiled soon that i think 99% of people will want, more details on that later. For those people who have issues with their boards getting hot, most of the heat can be attributed to the heat rising up from Agnus, Denise and the CPU which compound the heat generated causing the Vampire to get hot. I have a fix for this and will release photos and details later.

 Here are a couple of pictures to show the average temperatures inside the A600, some temps are lower than others but as you can see Denise is working hard and the heat from Agnus (below the FPGA on the Vampire) is radiating up through the Vampire. It is interesting to note that even the PCB to the right of the FPGA gets hot. The average temp around an uncooled Denise chip can range from 45 - 55 deg C dependent upon work load. Look at the Keyboard MCU chip (U13), Wow!, who would think that would get so warm


 I will create a chart later showing before and after my solution, You can buy the solution from Digikey , it is relatively easy to do and it really does make a difference.  Even if you don't own a vampire it is worthwhile adding it.



UPDATE 25th March 2017

 Emails have been sent to all persons requesting a Vampire 600. I am waiting until Friday to allow people a chance to reply before i submit an order to get the required number of boards made.  When you make a payment if you wish confirmation of payment then please send me an email and i will reply, as long as you get a reply from paypal saying you have paid me then you are set. The database on Apollo accelerators will be updated once the order is submitted, until then there will be no change in status, please be patient.

 Also please note that i have changed the mounting system to a much better solution and all future orders will include this method.



UPDATE (New pricing V600) 10th Nov 2016

 Hi Everyone,

 Todays update is a mixed bag of news. As you all know, production of the Vampire 600 is very slow and there are obvious pitfalls of this including very high resale price of the V600s on Ebay and other websites.

   The obvious problem is the lack of time available in producing these and getting them out to the customer in a reasonable time. I think everyone knows by now that we have attempted to keep the price low by producing these boards by hand and avoiding the high cost of commercial assembly. The orders are much greater than the production rate and i cannot cope with the demand. The only option available is to have the boards assembled by a board house to increase production. This means also that we will need to pay their prices for components and labour and ultimately it is the customer who will pay the price. A standard V600 will sell at 250 Euros,    If we do not address this issue now then this will cause a snowball effect on the completion and production of the other Vampire models.  We intend on ramping up production to get these boards into your hands as soon as possible. Thank you for your support and we intend on delivering the best add on for your Amiga you have ever imagined.

   We understand that this price hike appears high, Prices have been held low from day 1 and all prepaid orders on Amibay are being honoured by Majsta at a loss.  These preorders have allowed the development of the project to be completed so the people who have supported the project from the beginning will reap the benefits of their investment.

   We hope you understand the reasons behind this price increase and if you wish to cancel we fully understand. The process for payment will be...

  We will send a request for payment to 100 customers at a time and will allow 7 days for payment, once we have 100 customers then the batch will be ordered, this will take approx 3 - 4 weeks and then final programming/mailing will take another week. Customers can help this process by replying to their emails promptly so we know whether to move down the list or wait a few more days.

  Thank you for your support and we hope to promise much more features and enhancements in the future

.UPDATE 2nd Sept 2016

 To be added to the waiting list for the Vampire 600 please go here to register your interest.  There is currently no preorder list for any of the other Vampire/Phoenix products.


    In order to keep up with other notifications and notice of new preorders please check our forum.


    Our IRC channel will be the first to notify people when new preorders open up. (link at top of page )


UPDATE 20 August 2015

Please Read.

 Paypal policies dictate that whenever someone purchases goods then the seller is responsible for the delivery of these goods to the buyer.  

From now on, Whenever a buyer wishes to buy items from me and wants to use the "buying goods" option then they will be required to pay the higher postage rates that offer tracking and insurance options. The actual rates can be found on www.canadapost.ca website and vary from country to country with the average cost about $46 CAD for European/Australasia continents. N. America is a lot cheaper. The buyer will pay the actual cost of postage.

 If a buyer wants to pay as gift then items will be mailed as Small packet Air which is the cheapest international (air) option that Canada Post offer. This option has the risk that in the event of loss then there is no tracking or insurance and I would not be liable to paypal. For the smaller items this is not really an issue, for the more expensive items then thought should be given as to which option to use. It has reached a point where a loss of a package hurts my pocket and also my enthusiasm to continue in providing Amiga parts for the community. I believe I charge a fair price for my items and I do not make much profit, and this is done on a spare time basis.   I do realise that this will have an effect on people deciding not to order from me and I do regret this, but I have no choice other than to abandon all my new projects (which are funded by profits) and close up shop or sell on to a distributor only.






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