Amiga Custom Kickstart ROMs

Dual Kickstart Board for Single Rom Amigas

 This Romboard is designed to replace your Kickstart ROM from Amigas that require only one Rom. (It could also be used in 2 Rom Amigas also). There are a few different config options on the board that will allow you to use this in all versions of the A500, and all other Amigas. Due to the design of the earlier V1.3 and V1.5 motherboard versions of the Amiga 500 a dual image of KS1.3 and KS3.1 cannot be used together. All newer motherboard revisions are fine. Jumpers located on the underside of the board are used to configure the kickstart for  the older or newer type motherboards and use a solder blob.  The kickstart Rom comes complete with a Jumper to select upper or lower ROM. You can add a toggle switch for remote switching or use the Optical sensor to select which kickstart to boot. Kickstart can be preprogrammed with up to 2 ROM images. For backward compatibility KS1.3 and KS3.1 will be the most obvious choice. The end user can also program these boards if they have a compatible Willem or 48pin programmer.

Rev 3/5 (A500 only)    open JPR 1 - close JPR 2 - close JPR 3

Rev 6a               close JPR 1 - open JPR 2 - open JPR 3

Price - TBA


Amiga 1200 Dual Rom Kickstart board

  This Romboard will replace your current kickstart roms on your A1200. The current design will allow you to use 2 KS images and select them via various methods (see below). The board will come preprogrammed and can also be reprogrammed by the enduser at a later date should they require.

 It is possible to select either of 2 different 512k KS images to allow you to boot your Amiga 1200 in for example KS 1.3 or KS 3.1

Boot methods

 The Romboard can be connected to either a toggle switch (no inline resistor required) or optical sensor circuit (available) to select which Rom will be active on boot.

 I am presently seeking licenses to make this freely available to people. More info when i get more info.

Price - TBA



                          Optical sensor board for all Romboards

This is the Optical addon for the Romboards. The sensor can be mounted in a location of your choice. Based on how much light is available, the Amiga will boot one or the other KS image. Simply placing your hand or something over the sensor will create a low light condition causing the Romboard to load a specific KS

Price  TBA




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