Floppy Drive Emulator (Gotek compatible)

                         USB Internal Floppy Emulator (All Amiga models)

Picture shows the Floppy emulator installed in an A500.  The board will fit in all Amigas and mounts/screws are provided


Above picture shows the A500 opened up to reveal the floppy emulator emulator board. The board is small and sits directly on the 34 pin and 4 pin header. The 10 pin ribbon cable provides power and data signals to the display board and buttons on the daughter board that is mounted on the upper casing. Plastic mounts and screws are provided for installation. There is no cutting of cases required


      This is a USB stick floppy emulator that fits inside your Amiga. It is based on, and fully compatible with the Gotek floppy Emulator.  It will  allow you to boot your ADF files (and other if you use the HXC firmware) instead of from floppy drive.

    The Internal Floppy Emulator for the A500 will sit directly on top of the floppy 34 pin connector and also the 4 pin power connector and will not require the 4 pin or 34 pin connector. The daughter board that is mounted at the floppy drive insert/eject slot houses the board that controls the 2 up/down select buttons, LED display and the floppy activity LED. The daughter board is connected to the internal board by means of a 10 pin keyed ribbon cable connector.

     The board has an audio on/off jumper for those that wish to hear the drive as it emulates a mechanical floppy drive sound going through the tracks of the in use floppy. The installation of this board is very easy, no cutting of the case (all Amigas) and the provided plastic mount is provided with the emulator. The plastic mount is simply placed in its location and hot glue can be used to secure it. If you ever decide to remove the emulator then the hot glue is easily removed and will not take away from the Amigas external appearance.

  The board can be provided with no firmware or the Gotek Amiga FW which was created and is provided free by Herve Messinger, https://cortexamigafloppydrive.wordpress.com/ or the HXC Firmware provided at hxc2001.free.fr/. If you wish the HXC firmware to be programmed by me onto the board then you can pay the 10euros to Jean-François DEL NERO and i can program it for you. If you wish to program it yourself then you will need to purchase a USB serial programmer from ebay/other source.

    The board also has a 4 pin header that will allow you to use a 16 x 2 LCD Character display provided you have the HXC firmware installed. (I can provide a required cable for $3.00). you can purchase the LCD display from EBAY, i will provide links later.

      The plastic casing is actually printed on my printer, the quality is fair, it does the job but it it not comparable to mould injection/extruded parts. It's main purpose is to protect the parts on the board from spills etc.

    The board will also sit on the 34 pin connector of the Amiga 600/1200, but you must use a 4 pin cable from your old floppy drive to connect the board to your motherboard floppy drive 4 pin header. If you require an extra cable i can sell you one for $3.00. The plastic case mounts for the daughter board (that contains the LED display, pushbuttons and LED) are included and i will show pictures for the correct installation.

    So what do you get, and for what ? 

    Included in the basic purchase is ;

    - floppy emulator main board, either blank or programmed with the free Amiga firmware provided by Herve Messinger.

    - daughter board and 10 pin ribbon cable to connect to the main floppy emulator board.

    - plastic mounts, ( i will provide mounts required for A500/A600 and A1200).

     This is everything needed to get started with your ADF files mounted on a usb stick. You will need to add the selector.adf file that is linked on the Cortex site linked earlier to set up your USB stick

    Price  $37 USD 


    Extra options

    - extra 10 pin modified ribbon cable for use when 16 x 2 LCD Character display is used instead of the basic LED display on the daughter board ($3.00). This will replace the original 10 pin wire used with the basic purchase that is required

    - 4 pin dupont cable to connect the power and data lines of the 16 x 2 LCD to the main board ($1.50).

    - 4 pin power cable from Motherboard to emulator main board $3.00

    - HXC firmware, this is available for 10 euro from its author Jean-François DEL NERO. here is more info.


Online Bootloader Flasher software with the instructions (README.TXT) :


The Firmware (usable once you got the bootloader into the device) :


 For tools, file selectors, firmware update and other stuffs :






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