Floppy Drive Emulator (Gotek compatible)

                         USB External Floppy Emulator (All Amiga models)

Picture shows the external Floppy emulator. It plugs directly into the floppy port of all Amigas, no cables required. The drive will be assigned DF1: when plugged in. If you have >KS2.04 then the Amiga will boot from this device providing there is no bootable media in DF0: or internal HDD. You can use the same firmware in this device as the internal floppy emulator (see the internal emulator page for more info), the circuitry is identical and sound can be enabled/disabled same as the internal version . The plastic Casing has been made by my printer so the quality is "fair". As with the internal, i can preprogram with your desired firmware. The buttons, LED and display function the same as the internal model. the size of this is fairly small so it will not eat up your desk space. It is best to use a short USB stick as shown in picture.

    The board also has a 4 pin header that will allow you to use a 16 x 2 LCD Character display provided you have the HXC firmware installed. (I can provide a required cable for $3.00). you can purchase the LCD display from EBAY, i will provide links later.

      Above shows the External floppy emulator plugged into the back of the Amiga 500, as you can see it is not that big and is enclosed in my custom case.

      The board can be provided with no firmware or the Gotek Amiga FW which was created and is provided free by Herve Messinger https://cortexamigafloppydrive.wordpress.com/ or the HXC Firmware provided at hxc2001.free.fr/. If you wish the HXC firmware to be programmed by me onto the board then you can pay the 10euros to Jean-François DEL NERO and i can program it for you. If you wish to program it yourself then you will need to purchase a USB serial programmer from ebay/other source.

    So what do you get, and for what ? 

    You will receive the item as pictured above, it is a plug and play device that will be recognised by WB when booted up. Capabilities are identical to the Gotek floppy Emulator and associated firmware that may be programmed onto them.

    Price  $37 USD 




     HXC firmware, this is available for 10 euro from its author Jean-François DEL NERO. here is more info.

Online Bootloader Flasher software with the instructions (README.TXT) :


The Firmware (usable once you got the bootloader into the device) :


 For tools, file selectors, firmware update and other stuffs :






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