Compact Flash Adapters

A600 and A1200, Internal and External


CF Adapter - Internal.

 For A600 and A1200. Connects to the onboard IDE header, allows you to use CF cards inside your Amiga instead of Hard drives (no more noise).

The adapter is designed to fit inside the Amiga and not get in the way of other addons that are available for purchase. Normal operation of this adapter does not require the jumpers to be on. The jumpers allow for a quick Amiga boot up when no CF card is installed and you are running Kickstart 3.1. Has an onboard power/activity light to check correct fitting and CF activity .

When installing the Adapter, do not insert the CF card right away. Power up the Amiga without the CF card installed and check that the power LED comes on. If it doesn't, turn off immediately and recheck installation



Price  $16 USD

CF Adapter - External.

 For A600 and A1200. Same as the CF internal but allows you to remove and replace CF cards without the need of opening your case, perfect if you want to run multiple configurations without the opening/closing hassles. It will require enlarging the PCMCIA slot a bit. (It does not interfere with the usage of PCMCIA card operation). DO NOT add or remove CF cards when Amiga is turned on.

 If you leave the jumpers off in KS 3.1 and do not have a bootable CF card connected, the Amiga can take an extra 15 seconds to boot up. If you are running from a CF card and leave the jumpers on then the Activity HDD light will flash continually

CF Installation guide

A600 cutting Template

A1200 cutting Template

Price  $16 USD




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