CD32 Adapter Kit.

 The CD2 adapter kit consists of the CD32 Expansion port Riser with external PS/2 Keyboard input (you can use any PC style PS/2 keyboard). It also has a 23 pin RGB video output. You can buy RGB > Scart cables from Amigakit and other places and even buy RGB  > HDMI adapters on Ebay. The CD32 riser is held in place by a small mounting bracket i created to stop it from wobbling and to hold the riser square against the CD32.

The Kit also includes the Terrible fire TF328 8MB Fastmem board with IDE created by Stephen Leary which opens up the CD32 to the world of WHDload gaming and other things.. You simply setup and connect your CF card to allow the CD32 to boot from the CF card instead of the CD. If a CD is inserted the CD32 will attempt to boot from the CD first.

Also included is my CF/IDE adapter which sits on the Fastmem board (most CF adapters will face the wrong way).  I created this specifically for the TF328. The CF adapter has a cable with an external LED on it so that you can see IDE activity when the CF card is being accessed. Simply drill a 7/64" hole in area of your choice and then push the LED in. (It is a nice tight fit, no glue needed).


 The kit is ready to go, no soldering required, just connect the pieces together and if you want the external LED drill the hole for it and you are all set.


 I have a few of these available and will make more as demand sees fit. Price is $139 USD with included free untracked mail (to most places). Tracked mail is preferred as you will be covered against loss and is $11 USD extra to most places. Let me know where you are located to receive confirmation at kipper2k@shaw.ca

I have 2 of these available for mailing right away.


Here are some pictures...







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