Introducing the Vampire II HW Accelerator for your Amiga 600.

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 The Vampire II is the newest and the fastest accelerator available for your Amiga 600.  There is nothing on the market that can compete with its performance and price. It is intended to be used as an educational tool to allow users to be able to learn programming for the 68K series of CPU's and see the capability of todays powerful FPGA's. This is not the final product as there will be constant impovements to the board and core and new programming instructions are being continually added. To see detailed info and just what this HW can do please look at my Youtube videos linked below


- 128MB Fastmem RAM

- Digital video output,

- SD card for HDD storage 

- 64 bit core, full 32 bit compatibility

- Directly update core from the Amiga without need for external programmer

- FPU and 16 bit Audio is planned for future updates


The Vampire II will sit on top of your original CPU and take full control of your Amiga. The board will be available within the next 2 weeks hopefully (31 Dec 2015). I have posted some youtube videos showcasing its performance to demonstrate just what this little beast can do, play an mp3, do word processing, surf the internet... ALL at the same time!!.  It is faster than an Amiga 1200 with a 68060 accelerator running at 80MHz. It generates very little heat, does not require a fan and doesn't dim your lights when you turn on the computer.

 The hardware was created by Igor Majstorovic, (Majsta). The core (CPU) has been created by Gunnar von Boehn, (BigGun). The core is a custom core that has the instructon set of not just the 68000 cpu but also other enhanced instructions that not only reproduce the 68K CPU series instuction set but also reduce the amount of cycles to complete these instructions meaning that this is truly a huge increase in processing power.

 The Vampire II can be updated without the need to remove the board from your computer. Updates are planned to add new features that will not be available in the core at the time of release. New features planned include Picasso 96 compatible video drivers, improved cores increasing performance, SAGA (Super Advanced Graphics Architecture) which will allow you to use AGA software on your Amiga 600 and other enhancements. SAGA enhancement will  depend on available space in the FPGA once the main components of the core are all implemented.

 To prevent the possibility of the board "popping off" the cpu the boards will be provided with a mounting system that will secure the board in place. This mounting arrangement is optional and will require that you remove the motherboard from the lower shield to allow you to feed 2 small screws through the HDD cradle holes.  There is no drilling required and once the screws are in you will never have to remove the lower shield again. Installation guide is shown below.

 Orders are now being accepted and a small supply is avalable with the main supply being available approx 5th Feb 2016. You can leave me an email and i will work through the list based on date received. Once i get close to your request i will email you with the details. (Please have a copy of your 3.1 Kickstart available).

Scroll down to bottom of the page for the simple installation procedure.


 To take a look at my youtube videos follow this link.





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Installation is very simple,

- remove the lower shield from the Amiga 600 motherboard.  You will need a small phillips screwdriver for the plastic mount screws.

- feed the smaller screw of the mount through the appropriate hole, see the picture below for locations. (no drilling required)

- tighten up the plastic mount to the lower screw.

- do a test fitting before you replace the lower shield. Attach the top screws once the vampire is in place. The mounts may be a lttle too small,  I made them deliberately smaller than required to allow for different sockets being used so verify that you do not overtighten. The right screw especially may cause the board to bend putting strain on the FPGA

- DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN TOP SCREWS! The top screws do not need to be torqued on, you just need to snug them to the top of the vampire board. Overtightening will probably strip the plastic thread.






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