Here are the Available Fastmem boards  for the Amiga 600

A604mb Fastmem Board

Gives your A600 4mb fastmem




A608mb Fastmem Board

Give your A600 up to 8mb fastmem with configurable options

This board is ideal for those users that want a cheap 4MB fastmem solution for their A600 that doesn't interfere with the PCMCIA slots for those that have them already occupied.

 The board is small and has very good gripping power over the CPU ( Please note,  there is always the exception to the rule. Let me know if you have any issues)


Price  $39 USD



To install the A604 or A608 simply place it over the CPU and wiggle it gently until you feel all 4 corners of the socket are over the CPU.  Then you can use 2 fingers of each hand to press down firmly and evenly (Yellow circles indicate where to place your fingers.

  The Vampire is installed the same way (socket lower left, same as the a604/A608

This is an 8MB Memory expansion board for your Amiga 600..  The board simply presses down over the CPU on the A600 motherboard. The memory will autoconfigure when the Amiga is turned on. The board will allow the PCMCIA slot to be used by setting the fastmem to 4mb so it does not conflict if you are using PCMCIA fastmem

The board can be configured to give 0, 1.5mb, 4mb, 5.5mb or 8mb of fastmem by the use of jumpers.

Price  $49 USD





 Here is a picture of the new mounting arrangement I have designed to try to prevent the Fastmem/Vampire boards from popping off the CPU.

 The plastic mounts are hot glued to the motherboard and the upper plate is screwed down onto the lower portion and clamps the Fastmem board down against the CPU. I have used hotglue as it holds quite well and easily removed later on if you wish to remove it. If you use superglue it would probably be more permanent but tough to remove.

I will include 2 from now on with purchase of any A600 fastmem /Vampire boards









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